Frequently Asked Questions

Our wireless bridge systems are what we use to transfer the camera data from wherever we install the camera to your house that has the internet. So that you can view the data in your house and on you cell phone really no matter where you are in the world.

Yes. Actually there are very few things our wireless systems can’t go through. We have transferred our signal through grain bins, barns, trees, bushes, houses, and steel buildings. We check each install to make sure our wireless bridge is running at a good data rate.

A ptz is a camera that pan tilts and zooms. Or moves left, right, up, down, and zooms in on an object.

The cameras angle is about a 90 degree angle. So stick your arms out in front of you about 90 degrees and what you can see in that space is what your camera will see. (real scientific)

That’s a good question. We have been installing these cameras for years and have collected many thoughts from ranchers to see what the best layout is. Here is what they have told us. “Have both.” Stationary cameras are beneficial because you have something constantly recording. Example: You can see if a calf sucked or if a new mother was kicking the calf. Another benefit is you can have an instant view whats going on in the barn you don’t need to pan tilt and zoom camera to all the places in your barn were you have action. Why is that beneficial? Last year a customer told us he saved a calf he sold for $5000 cause he looked at his cameras notice a calf didn’t break the sack and was suffocating. So he quickly ran out there and broke the sack. Now if his PTZ camera was pointed in opposite way that would have been more time he would have had to move it around and zoom it in on that calf to see whats going on.

But PTZ have there place especially in bigger barns and outside when you have big areas to cover our PTZ can see up to 400′ in dark. If you tried to put a bunch of stationary cameras outside to cover a huge loafing area that could get costly.

So whats the Solution? Have booth. We usually will set you up with a system that will cover everything you need.

NO, Why should there be? To store your data on some remote server? No need it will store it on location just fine.

We are very quick to answer calls. You will have my direct cell phone and the office number. We also can remotely check your whole system anytime you want us too.

iPads, android devices (Samsung galaxy tab) windows tablets, laptop, computers, smartphones, and desktop computers. The preferred method is IPad 2(or newer) or Samsung Tab Pro.

Yes, To hook it up on a TV we usually use a computer, apple t.v., or chrome-cast, to send it too TV.

You can leave it on or turn system off till next year.But if you do turn it off I would turn system on a month in advance.

There is a huge difference it is best to see in person. Our old systems and many of our competitors use analog cameras. Agcams and other popular cameras use analog. Here is a video to show the difference. Keep in mind this is a video taken with my phone so seeing it in real life is even better.

‘‘The cattle cams have allowed me more flexibility in my schedule. I don’t have to worry about what is going on in the barn when I’m at another function. I just check my phone and I can enjoy life not worrying about if I should be home checking cows. Really lowers the stress, plus I don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to check cows when nothing is going on in the barn, I just wake up and check my phone. Peace of mind is my biggest asset & its like having another full time employee staying the barn 24/7. Also, your service has been great!!’’

Tom Van Asselt – CattlePlus Consulting LLC

‘‘It has saved a ton of time... I get much more sleep so the rest of the day goes better...It has freed up our time more during calving season as far as being able to be away longer and do other things. We don’t go hours away but a half hour isn’t a problem anymore. It is also very nice to be able to rewind to make sure a calf has sucked. Especially when the cow is wild or when your not sure if the mother is taking the calf. I know it has helped us to save calves. It also helps to know if how long a heifer has been pushing and if she making progress without disturbing her. I can sleep for 3 hours,wake up,see one calving, rewind and know if she needs more time or needs to have the calf pulled.’’

T. Sand – Cattle Cam customer since 2011