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Many farmers and ranchers need to keep an eye on their animals. For example, a rancher during calving season may get up multiple times throughout the night to check on his cattle. With cameras, a rancher can check on his cattle with a laptop or a tablet by his bed. That same farmer knows each time he opens the barn and walks through it to check all the cows, they are startled so they stop calving, which can cause complications. With a camera system installed, they can check to see if the cow is actually having problems or has just started.


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There are other reasons too. For example, with our system you can record and play back. Let's say a heifer is not being motherly and kills its baby or doesn’t allow it to suck. You can see what happens and do what has to be done. Or you may wonder if a baby has sucked or not. Well, either you can sit out there for 4 hours and wait, or simply play it back to see if it sucked. You may find out that it just did and you would have wasted your valuable time.

Worried about trenching wires? With wireless bridge technology we are able to set up cameras in your barn and send the video to your home miles away.

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